Module 4: Coming Soon

Q&A Session 7

1.I have a 3 floor home, I would like to keep certain things on each floor. (Scissors and tape measures) And because of weather, I like a set of tools in the house as well as in the garage. Paper and pens by each phone. My home is large enough to make it a big convenience to have some duplicates in various locations. Will this cause problems I am not seeing? I am thinking this is for convenience (like indoor plant food under the kitchen sink rather than in the garage where the other gardening thins are). This breaks rules 1 (a home for everything and everything in its home) and 2 (keep like things together).

2. On this tack, clearing the clutter. I have some duplicate items (i.e. laundry detergent and stain removers) that are consumable. It seems terribly wasteful to get rid of the things I will have to go out and buy again. And I am having a hard time getting rid of bought gift bags. In cleaning my basement I have gotten rid of 7 large garbage bags of styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, brown paper bags and plastic bags, and many boxes of various sizes. I have moved out 2 extra barstools and medical supplies like portable toilets and raised toilet seats that I was storing since my mother passed away. Wrapping papers and ribbons, suitcases and sports equipment I am having a hard time with also. The clutter is at least 50% better so maybe I am doing ok.

3. I believe I am clear on the "Why." But I still want to keep on living after the decluttering, when that time is made available again. There are projects I want to finish and gifts to give. There are books I want to read and pictures I want to see again. So what I have is a war between two very strong wants. Please elaborate on the matrix.

Q&A Session 6

1. How do you keep life from taking over and distracting from what you know makes everything else more difficult.

2. Once you get everyone to agree on where the ONE place is something goes, how do you enforce it/train/etc.

Q&A Session 5

1. I sell cleaning equipment, how do I help my customers make time to clean, declutter, etc.?

2. I've been sick with arthritis flair ups and nasty colds for almost three weeks. How do you stay motivated when you feel awful?

3. I am having a difficult time getting started. I finally finished all the videos today. I have not started the area that I said I would start. I have inertia. I wrote out my whys but it is not motivating me to start. I do feel lazy. How do I get motivated to take the first step?

4. The 100 things seems like a waste of time to do. do I need to narrow my things down to 100? really?

5. Time management is a problem for me. It is a week and I am getting ready to start but have not started. I can't organize my time since I am retired. I am not used to so much free time and can't get organized. Help!

Q&A Session 4

1. When are upcoming modules released?

2. How do we keep the decluttering/simplifying momentum going once life begins to get in the way after the Christmas break and the novelty starts to wear off?

3. The room I will use as a home office has never been unpacked. It is full of boxes and now piles of stuff. The thought of cleaning it out is overwhelming. How can I use the spread sheet to break this down? should I list each box? Since I am not sure where I want to house these items or how to house and organize them. I am feeling stuck.

4. Kids' Christmas ornaments.: 35 years ago it was popular to get a child one ornament a year. Three kids and 2 bins later, what do I do with them?

5. Pictures. I am sorting by date, but what about the ones with no date? I have at least put them in general 10 year spans. Any photo suggestions would be helpful.

6. I set my living room as the #1 priority. I have gotten through the worst messes. I have my china cabinet and a hutch left. They are in pretty good shape. Should I go ahead and perfect them or switch to a bigger mess in another room?

Q&A Session 3

1. What about things that are important to a family member that they have given us or collected to pass down to us but that we don't want and they will notice if we no longer have?

2. I recently lost 45 lbs and still have about 50 or so more to go. I have a rack full of clothing that's smaller sizes. I was going to get rid of them, but over the weekend I fit into a pair of jeans from the rack. Now I'm indecisive. Should I let them go, or hold on a little longer? I have been slowly getting rid of the stuff that is too big.

3. Do you have any suggestions for stowing tote bags like the ones from llbean or Lands End. We use them on a regular bases when we go to our vacation home. I have a large cardboard box and have them in there on a shelf. Want them easily accessible.

4. When you might want to sell something and don't know it's value, do you have a reliable source to get that info?

Q&A Session 2

1. I have a set of Christmas dishes and I really like the dinner plates and use them every year but I never use any of the other pieces, your thoughts of breaking apart sets of dishes. I also have an expensive pewter pitcher with 4 matching steins. I am using the pitcher to hold a floral arrangement. I feel like I should not break apart "sets" like this. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

2. I am more pleased with my results than I possible could have imagined and am enjoying life 100% more, but I feel like my decluttering is moving slower than molasses in January. Should I be content or somehow get the jets on my decluttering? For example, I used to have to force myself to practice the piano and accordion, and, now that I have decluttered my music things, I could practice for hours a day. I can see the same thing happening with cooking.

3. I have the Christmas picture cards from friends from this year. We have updated our computer lists, but feeling like I should save the remind to pray for them? See them or contact some of them more than just Christmas? Right now it is just clutter on my kitchen counter. (It moved from being clutter by my chair and end table.) Suggestions?

4. I am having trouble keeping track of your videos and modules and forms. I have been trying to save them on my computer, but have trouble finding them again. Suggestions? Can you email again all the previous videos and forms?

Q&A Session 1

1. I have not been able to stay on task. Will I be able to access this information later?

2. Part of my clutter comes from my dear, sweet friends who always give me gifts for my birthday. (The gifts sat in my pantry still in the gift bags for 9 months until I started your program and gave them to the Goodwill.) We wouldn't hurt each other for the world. My birthday is coming up. I thought of things I would like: candles, especially white or blue; recipes in their own handwriting, the simpler the better; music CD's they really like...telling me their favorite song and coming and singing it with me! Is there a good way to tell them this, or should I just prepare to repeat last year's drill?

3. Not a question, a request. I am a substitute teacher and I am in many different classrooms. Almost without fail, I enter a classroom and say, "What is all this stuff?" It is difficult to find the things I need among the clutter. Can you start a school decluttering program? I feel this not only affects me as a teacher, but all the children who live with this every day.

4. Any suggestions on manuals from the items we have in our homes? I currently have them in 3 ring binders inside of "plastic sleeves". The problem is how much room this takes up. I have 5 binders full of these!

5. Could you re-email the original 2 points you provided BEFORE the purchased, de-cluttering sessions began?

6. We seem to get "bogged" with trying to complete the forms rather than just "going for it"... Any suggestions?

7. Hi Christine. I want to say thank you for getting me on the road to decluttering. This course has come at exactly the right time for me! I am sorry that the course is over, but I know it is time for me to stand on my own two feet and finish and maintain what I have started.

However my question is whether the facebook group will continue? I would certainly appreciate - at least for a little longer - the support that has been given and the way that I have been able to make myself accountable, especially when my efforts have not been appreciated by everyone in my home!